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Sunlite 88804 LED CCT PLD Recessed Plug & Play Light Bulb, 11 Watt 18W Fluorescent Replacement 1025 Lumens, G24q 4 Pin Base Horizontal, Electronic Ballast Compatible 3000K-5000K Tunable Switch 1 Pack

Upgrade your fluorescent bulbs with energy efficient LED plug and play light bulbs, a direct replacement with no ballast bypass required. They are instant on at full brightness with no buzzing or flickering. With a life span of up to 50,000 hours you will be required to replace difficult to reach bulbs less often. You’ll save maintenance costs and save energy at the same time. Features a G24q base. Has multiple color temperature options to choose from 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White and 5000K Super White you can now change color temperatures with just the slide of a switch. Can be used for both commercial and residential locations, these led bulbs are ROHS Certified unlike CFL bulbs they contain no harmful chemicals and do not require special handling or disposal

  • UPGRADE TO LED – replace your inefficient fluorescent bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs from Sunlite. They are instant on at full brightness with no buzzing or flickering. Can be used in enclosed fixtures and has a High Color Rendering Index rating of 80
  • PLUG AND PLAY – These Sunlite led bulbs replace inefficient fluorescent light bulbs with no bypass required. For use with electronic ballasts only. You can find a complete list of compatible ballasts included in the pdf in this listing
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – With a life span of up to 50,000 hours each bulb puts out a bright 1025 lumens of light while only using 11 watts of electricity. Annual energy costs are a low $1.32 (Based on 3 hours/day at $0.11/kWh)
  • UL LISTED AND ROHS COMPLIANT – These Sunlite bulbs are UL Listed and have been tested to meet their rigorous safety standards. They are also ROHS Certified unlike fluorescent bulbs, they contain no harmful chemicals and do not require special handling or disposal
  • TUNABLE COLOR OPTIONS – with multiple color temperature options you can choose between 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White and 5000K Daylight. Changing ambience for any application is now easy with just the slide of a switch
General Characteristics
Bulb Shape


Average rated hours


Bulb finish



4-Pin (G24q)

Average life span years


Ingress protection

IP20 (12.5 mm solids, Not protected from liquids)



Electrical Characteristics


Equivalent Wattage



Plug & Play

Led chip manufacturer


Power factor



-4°F – 113°F

Light Characteristics
Lumens brightness


Color rendering index cri


Emitted color

CCT Tunable

Color temperature kelvin


Beam angle




Additional Features
Safety rating mark

UL Listed – Damp Location

Ul rated enclosed fixtures


Rohs compliant


Product Dimensions


Diameter inches


Item dimension

(W) 5.86 (H) 1.61 (D) 1.22

Package dimension

(W) 6.38 (H) 1.71 (D) 1.35

Package weight


Product Data
Case unit rate


Pack size


Item upc


Warranty years


Package type



PC & Aluminum

Spec Sheet